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Health and safety in the fishing activity that landed in Manaus-Amazonas, Brazil  (In Portuguese)

Lorenzo Soriano Antonaccio Barroco, Lucirene Aguiar de Souza, Caroline Pereira de Campos, Diogo Campos Cardoso

Analyses of the correlation between somatic cell count, centesimal composition and yield of rennet cheese type produced from milk of buffaloes of Autazes, Amazonas (In English)

Ricardo Caxias Celestino Lima, Fábio Tonissi Moroni, Elton Nunes Britto, Raquel Borges-Moroni

Fisheries production and its relation to fluctuations of the hydrological cycle and demographic growth of the city of Manaus – Am (in Portuguese)

Luana Simas Montenegro, Lucirene Aguiar de Souza

Assessment of bathing condition on the urban fringe of Manaus/AM/Brazil (In Portuguese)

Carlos Petronio de Souza Queiroz, Maria Anete Leite Rubim

Biogeographic distribution of Isertia Gender Species Family Botany RUBIACEAE in the Legal Amazon Deposited in the Herbarium / INPA (In Portuguese)

Renato Barboza da Silva, Rodrigo Gonçalves de Lima, Francisco Barbosa da Silva

Bibliometric analysis about fishing fish Cichla spp. in Brazilian reservoirs: an exploratory study in Scopus databases and Web of Science (In Portuguese)

Sandrelly Oliveira Inomata, Danielly Oliveira Inomata, Carlos Edwar de Carvalho Freitas

Série de Artigos Ensino de Química

Entrevista com Doutora Rebecca Freire de Castro (UNINORTE Laureate)

Interacting art and chemical at the oxides approach (In Portuguese)

Andreia Dolores P. de Figueiredo, Cristiany M. Anselmo, Alex Sandro B. da Costa, Genilson Pereira Santana

Extraction experiments of essential oils in hydrocarbon approach (In Portuguese)

Antônia Valdecleide Arana Costa, Genilson Pereira Santana

“Humans molecules” in addressing carbon (In portuguese)

Lenize Jaqtinon de Oliveira, Davi de Oliveira Moça1, Eduardo Cruz da Costa, Erasmo Sergio Ferreira Pessoa Junior

Use of software “Build a molecule” in the subject isomerism approach (In Portuguese)

Nadia Cilene Alvoredo da Cruz, Erasmo Sergio Ferreira Pessoa Junior

Chemical reactions approach: Using the simulator PhET (In portuguese)

Claudenor Piedade, José Waldemar Negrão Guimarães, Valdir B. Macedo,  Genilson Pereira Santana

Introduction to nuclear reactions – A theatrical approach (In portuguese)

Eduardo Cruz da Costa, Mauro Célio da Silveira Pio

Bingo as Playful Activity in Teaching the Periodic Table (In portuguese)

Carlos José Macedo dos Santos, Mauro Célio Silveira Pio

Phenomena capture thermochemical through selfies (In portuguese)

Francianne Freitas Bertino, Genilson Pereira Santana

Approach chemical bonds with the use of cartoons  (In portuguese)

Ylma Lpoes Miranda, Mauro da Silveira Pio

Waste oils as the subject of debate in environmental education (In portuguese)

Rosineide Souza de Oliveira, Jurandir Moura Dutra

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